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Air Freight


We Provide Commercial flight & Chartered flight service for general cargo, project cargo, DG cargo from China to worldwide, manage space from below carrier per airport.

In SZX Shenzhen airport: BR, CA, CZ, HU, KE, MU, OZ, PO, RU, UPS, ZH.

In HKG Hongkong airport: AF, AY, BA, CV, CX, EK, LH, PO, QR, RU, SQ, SU, SV, TG, TK, W5, ZP.

In CAN Guangzhou airport: CZ, MF, TK, HU, BR, OZ, FD, UA, SQ.

In PEK Beijing airport: CA, CZ, KL, RU, SK, SQ, LH, LO, UA, NH, TK, TG.

In PVG Shanghai airport: MU, CZ, CA, CI, EY, EK, ET, KE, KL, NH, UL, OZ, SQ, TG.

In CGO Zhengzhou airportCV, CX, 7L, 5C, U3, RU.


2013 we handled LED screens as project cargo from Xiamen to AMS Amsterdam in commercial flight.

2014 we handled brackets as project cargo from Shenzhen to AMS Amsterdam in commercial flight.

2015 we handled shoes, leather as project cargo from Dongguan via Zhengzhou to MXP Milan in commercial flight. 2015 we handled leather, jackets as project cargo from Ningbo, Shanghai and Beijing to DME Moscow in commercial flight.

2016 we handled LED lights as project from Xiamen, Zhuzhou and Ningbo to FRA Frankfurt in commercial flight.

2017 we managed pre-carriage, ground handling and charter for LED light from Changsha to HHN Hahn, and machinery, equipment from Guangzhou to SOF Sofia.

2018 we handled Filling machine (mandrel wheel, assembly, chain section, valve, accessories etc), oversized cargo from Suzhou to JFK, ORD and Buffalo U.S.

2019 we handled pharmaceutical materials need temp control 2-7 degree from Deqing city via Shanghai to Barcelona.